Iskandar Guesthouse

Situated in the Phoenician town of Anfeh​, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in full view, Iskandar Guesthouse is the perfect place to experience luxury and comfort while indulging in an ambience of tranquility and serenity.
This neighborhood is rich with stories! A constant reminder of the different civilizations that articulate the chronicles of Anfeh’s settlement as a village. Deep Phoenician, Roman and Crusader roots imprinted in Anfeh’s history are prevalent on the architectural site and while visiting Anfeh’s Cap.
With a clear view of the castle in sight, the elements of this history are on full display, surrounding the area with the traditional windmills and enabling our guests to experience the present without disregarding the past. Our guesthouse is marked by its distinctive elegance and style, incorporating the modern concept to the vintage entourage, while remaining authentic to the town’s history and identity.
Anfeh, the city of Sault, is characterized by the presence of historical churches from the Byzantine and Crusaders eras, in addition to its strategic geographical location, in close proximity to Tripoli, Koura and Becharri districts, giving a chance to guests to tour in the vicinity. This includes visiting Saint Gil castle in Tripoli, the famous Cedars in Becharri, the islands of Tripoli El mina and the souks of Tripoli (Second mamlouk town after Cairo). Moreover, guests can hike in Kadicha valley and Kannoubine Valley of the Saints. Nabu Archeological and contemporary museum in Heri is just a stone throw away as well.
The rooms ​‘Beit El Sit’​ and ‘Dar El Khawaja’ used to be traditional Lebanese habitations where families once resided. They are made of sandstone, renovated to remain genuine to their original design. Both rooms were intended to keep up with the authenticity of the antiquated foundation, so vintage decorations were put in place to restore the feeling of its former lifetime.
The Bar was built from scratch. The plan was to abide by the original concept of sandstone construction on the same strip of land to complete a trifecta. During the construction, however, Architect Antoine Lahoud, an expert in monument restoration recognized by the Archeology Committee, discovered ancient monuments 40 cm into the ground (clay pottery pieces going back to the Phoenician Era and necropolises dating back to the Bronze Age). The Committee examined those monuments over a period of three months and an agreement was set to allow further reconstruction while preserving the monuments. This was realized by creating a glass floor at Lennie’s bar allowing guests to view those monuments and a staircase leading guests downstairs for a proximate view of the ancient pieces.
Guests are able to experiencing a close-up mesmerizing glimpse of the sea through the Terraces added to the beach side and to the ‘Beit El Sit’ room.
The attention to details was so important
that it took almost three years to bring the vision to life. The versatility of the guesthouse caters to the needs of our different guests, from couples looking for a romantic getaway, to families enjoying quality time together. No matter which room they choose to occupy, our guests can expect elegance and satisfaction. The vision of the owners, the exquisite Mediterranean vibe, and the architecture has brought to life this hidden gem in the fisherman’s town of Anfeh, to offer the perfect place to create special memories.